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No speech or walk another case of told have CD

of told CD i was told i have the CD i cant talk since 2009 or walk doctors say am blocking the ability to to talk do to some trauma. it seems we all have a mental block not allowing us to function normal so quote the doctors. i was living life happy content , if there something that happen i go talk with friend family. am very open person who love to talk about anything including my self and anything that concerns me yet all doctor say am block something am afraid to face,. i try think about my life and what am trying not to see. so i go see mental health, they lady held my records not see me for a while, now govt say she can use her experiment. she want to look at my brain see if problem there. why not keep seeing if there a problem, why hold my chart til she ready see me. now am searching new mental health. doctor don't know everything, new things pop up they don't know, than later find reasons but for now they just give us all a label CD. i don't care with this condition i will not let it or no one stop me from being happy , and coping they best way i know since all this i learned sign language and can communicate once again. i thank Jehovah God daily for giving me the strength to cope with what ever happen and not dwell on things as the doctors since to think. life precious. we shall enjoy with whatever we have to use. is how i see. hang in keep praying and hoping for change that something we shall not give up. hope and our courage to over situations. it hard at times yes but keep the hope alive in and and your child will see, you believe change will come.

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No speech or walk another case of told have CD, posted December 12th, 2012

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